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Let's Thrive is a Family Support and Mental Health & Well being Practice based on the Central Coast of NSW.

Our team of Thrive Therapists are Counsellors, Coaches and Mentors  and understand the trials and tribulations of raising a family. We understand your exhaustion, confusion, lonliness, overwhelming burden and heartache, as we have walked the path the your are walking.

We offer personalised assistance and operate from a Christian values, whole person approach, supporting you holistically in mind, spirit and soul.

Our Thrive Therapists offer one-on-one appointments, run workshops, classes and courses. We offer mentoring and coaching as well as other mental wellbeing support.

We specialise in supporting Families, Women and Youth.

We offer lived-experience support. This means that the therapist you work with will have already walked a similar path as to what you are walking. They have been through what you have been through. They have been where you have been, and come out the other side, thriving.

We offer hope, encouragement and the support you need to help you get through the dark time that you are going through. We aim to be your light in the darkness, and help you find your path.

If you are looking for truly personalised, heart centred, Christian-focused support, then contact us today, and book in to see one of our Therapists, who will truly help you thrive 



Let's Thrive strives to be an organisation known for it's care, dedication and compassion. We pride ourselves on our core values, which guides us as we help those in our community.  

We honour all our clients as unique individuals, by treating them with respect, kindness, grace, dignity and compassion. We help restore faith and hope in their lives, in practical and caring ways, whilst helping build self-confidence and self-esteem. ​

Our values are based on Christian-values, and we provide a holistic and whole-person approach when supporting you and your family

Peace In our words and actions 
Generosity Always do what we can with what we have
Integrity In everything we say and do
Respect For everyone we support
Kindness By offering gentle words

Sincerity Check our hearts and intentions when helping others
Compassion It is not for us to judge
Grace In accepting the trials that helping others can bring
Gratitude For all we have and all that is given to us
Joy We serve with a smile

Let's Thrive is a Family Support and Mental Health and Well being practice based on the Central Coast of NSW. We offer personalised care, tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. We operate from Christian values  and provide a non-judgemental and holistic service. We truly believe that given the right support, everyone has the ability to thrive

Ph: 02 4311 2505

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